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DOI - a London born brand,
created by former fashion model Akemi Doi

English / Japanese

DOI launched in 2006 from London's Portobello neighbourhood , the gathering place of many designers and artists. The brand then began to spread in the popular East London areas of Brick Lane and Spitalfields. Both elegant and powerful, the boldly cut jackets became the focus of many fashion conscious Londoners and in addition gained the highest praise from fashion leaders in countries such as France, Italy, Germany and Denmark.

In two and a half years, the list of customers in London has risen to over five thousand.

Having worked as a fashion model and fashion co-ordinator for fifteen years, the designer has cultivated an eye for selecting such materials which are well fitting yet will flexibly wrap around the body to create superior comfort.

Akemi Doi
- Enthusiastic Creative Fashion Designer -

Akemi Doi's career as a fashion model started in 1986 in her home country, Japan, and spanned over eleven years. She stepped on over five hundred fashion show stages, donned several thousand garments of fashion designers and appeared in many commercials and posters.

She then went on to work as a professional fashion model training lecturer, as well as a fashion show, personal and bridal co-ordinator and costume designer.

In 2004 she moved to England and studied the fundamentals of design at London's prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.

March 2007 Swatch Alternative Fashion Week,London she obtained the Top Designer Award.

December 2007 Montenegro Fashion week.

April 2008, Jacobs Fashion Selection fashion week Belgrade.

April 2010,Jacobs Fashion Selection fashion week Belgrade.

June 2011 Hyper Japan in London

September 2012 Costume for Movie FORESIGHT X TRAILER

Today she bases herself in Munich, Germany, which is in easy access to Milan, Paris and London. Through her designs of DOI, she strives to transmit Japan's beauty to the world.



Shop in London :
Bag man and Robin / 47 Exmouth Market EC1 4GI London U.K

Shop in Munich:
Liebschaften/ Herzogstrase 84 D-8796 Munich Germany


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Photografer,Hair Make up :
Rimo / ritamodl18@hotmail.com
Model :
Sina Wike / sina@gmx.de

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Eugen Heller / info@eugenheller.de
Hair make up :
Reuata Traupe / reana@reyua.de
Model :
Diana Frank / miss_castle@gmx.de
Model :
Jnez Rzepeck A / inezrzepecka@gmx.de

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Igor Levicki

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